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Appeal a ban

02 Nov 2015 10:27 | Last edit: 02 Nov 2015 10:37
I believe players like Hitchslap can change and should be afforded the opportunity to do so to a certain extent. Hitchslap-
1, French, German, Polish and British people are genetically indistinguishable from each other.
2, French people are not cowards they defended their country valiantly during ww2 and the bravery of for example resistance/marquis fighters was second to none.
3, The German people I know are nothing like what you describe in fact modern Germany looks to me to be a much more liberal country than most(and you can still have a cig in the pub)
4, You know everything I've just said is true.
So you need to ask yourself why you are behaving like you are- you said you were pissed- how often is that? Could that be the problem perhaps? and maybe you are frustrated with your lack of game skill I'm not the best but I have compensatory skills like how well I can drive a car for example and I'm also a good IT tech. So will you have.
There is quite a lot of this on game servers and I'm not being hypocritical I've said some things I'd rather not have in game as well- DON'T DO IT AGAIN.
02 Nov 2015 15:34
people can change but than i can wallhack and i can change to he didnt follow the rules and got punisht i know people can change but if you know rules it isnt that hard to follow them :unsure:
02 Nov 2015 17:36 | Last edit: 02 Nov 2015 23:11
You are right Jeffrey he certainly can expect to be punished.
Some of the responses on here have made me giggle though -
'It's the wrong kind of funny'- Ha Ha Ha :woohoo:
'Mostly I want to kill you' - What method would you use? Ha Ha Ha :woohoo:
'If you know the rules it isn't that hard to follow them' - Which is why speed cameras are flashing like there's a press conference on every highway Ha Ha Ha :woohoo:
Seriously though racism and other abusive behaviour isn't funny perhaps the server could encourage people to spec bad behaviour like they would a cheater?
13 Feb 2016 13:08
hello world

I did some research on names, following the problems this morning
it is often in this game players with names is dubious historical consonance
So Taffel88 is a reference to the SS whose real name was Schutzstaffel
and 88 a reference to HH
and grade of Sturmfuhrer has been created for the SS also

So thank you, Jeffrey and admins have acknowledged my claim and continue like this,

good work
have a good day

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