Keeping the servers running costs a fair amount of money so that players can join our servers and have fun. Any donations no matter how little are a great help to keeping the servers and the clan alive.

Donate on patreon!

We now rely on Patreon for our donations because:

  • You can select any alias as your user name on Patreon, so we won't see your real name.
  • Regular small donations via Patreon allow us to better plan expenses long-term compared to big one-time donations.


If you decide to support us with a Patreon membership, please be aware of the following:

  • Patreon collects donations when you sign up and at the start of every month. So if you become a member close to the end of the current month, you will be billed again at the first of the next month.
  • Once you have become a Patreon member, please send us a message via Patreon with your in-game name. This way, we can say thank you in-game by providing you with a Patron tag on the scoreboard and green chat name color. The tag and color can be turned off.


Thank you very much for your kind donations!: )