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The Urban Terror clan known as DrunkNoobs was brought to the game in 2010. Back then our Eagle 24/7 server reached rank 3 and in 2012 we claimed rank 1. The clan was however closed in June 2012, but returned in 2014 and is now here to stay.

We currently run one Eagle 24/7 server, which is getting popular.

You can familiarize yourself with the servers below or join our clan and community by introducing yourself on the forums or applying to the clan.

    • Autoaim.exe - smells like WH (and SK)
    • Possible WH for autoaim.exe 2318 - HK kill Smells a bit funky but it's plausible. 2319 - 2098 - MP5K Granted the target was visible before getting to cover but that impeccable timing on that corner...
    • paraRaider
    •  I watched the demo with shownormals on and off. I didn't see a WH. Can you tell me when (red score) you  feel he was using WH ?  I PB him for using VPN/Proxy... 
    • HIDDEN and bliss
    • HIDDEN is currently banned for general trolling (goggles dropping on purpose, bullying, blocking players and evading)
    • Je suis de Retour
    • Bienvenue, et a votre fils aussi. J'espère vous trouver sur le serveur | DN | Eagle plus souvent, obéissant toujours aux règles du serveur.
    • Hi, how are you?
    • Good to see you, we had a lot of fun and laughed a lot  :) <3
    • Greetings - Its me :)
    • Hi guys, I'm ex- |WC| Capitao_Vilela First I sincerely apologize for my bad English. Since I started at | WC | many years ago, I was never able to take an English course. I am not crying, but the...
    • Guilhotino
    • Hey,  I'm working on pushing out a fix for not being able to attach demos to the forum posts.  Should have it up by the end of the week.
    • Zenith |DN| APPLICATION
    • Thanks alot guys, Thats awesome! And phixie aslong as !balance wont seperate us I'm trying my best.. Maz- You're pretty much correct haha
    • Kopps - WH
    • First clip: He was not coming from bridge, so i suppose he go tunnel.. Second clip: There are absolutely nothing. He have lots of years of Urt, i was 1st Division player in CTF as attacker and play...
    • Suprasumo SK
    • Hello the video does not start at the start of the game, I launched the record by the fact that this player systematically came to kill us in the spawn and yes, I was coming back to the spawn to...