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#1 | 03 Dec 2019 10:34
So you all took your time to accuse me without giving me the chance to reply and then close the discussion. If this is the way you "discuss" things and "admin" around I don't see how are you a fair server, nor you are actually behaving as fair admins. First of all you only consider my side of the chat, I am not saying that I haven't misbehave or that I lost my nerve in many occasions, what I'm saying is that if you actually took your time reading through, you will find there are many times when I'm being muted for just saying one sentence or even sometimes just as I come in I am muted. Also I've been insulted by admins, you can clearly see in the comments of my discussion some admins already have prejudices against me and they will apply their prejudices without giving me a chance. You must understand that with this kind of administration you radicalize some people because you make them feel worse than what they already do pushing them deeper into anger. If you mute someone as soon as he/she enters the game or for just saying one word you are getting this person to react worse. Of course, at the end of the last topic you show what I was already expecting, you applied your prejudices, your short sided solutions, your condescending and insulting attitude and you just closed the topic as if what I had to say doesn't matter, again you muted me ahead of time, every time you do this you push me more into anger and also you show that I am not the only wrong here, because I don't know if you realize this but in one deal the 2 sides can have a wrong part.
#2 | 03 Dec 2019 11:44
Let me put one thing straight before you start accusing me of something that I am not. So, here's my background: I've been an in-game moderator for the past 15 years, and those years also include 5 years as forum moderator. 

I took the time to read through the topic and then close it, because I did not see the discussion going any further other than bashing and accusing each other of what we are not. Clearly my assumptions were right based on this topic??

I will leave this one open so you have a chance to reply. I know some wouldn't even give you that chance.
#3 | 03 Dec 2019 11:49
How about you let me close this properly as I see a lot of admins have commented already.

Your chatlog is discusting.
The way you speak to my admins is discusting.
You play in our servers for free which means you play by our rules or leave, simple as that, if we want to mute you "just because" then we have EVERY right to do so (not that we do this as we are fair people).

You have 42 warnings on our servers, the limit before we PB someone is 30, if I see your name again you will be getting permbanned from our servers, no discussions.

#4 | 03 Dec 2019 12:29 | Last edit: 03 Dec 2019 12:31
I come to play to this server because it is one of the few that actually has people playing. If you offer this server for free then don't throw it back to the face of the people that comes to play in it. Yes, my chatlog may be ugly, especially to sensitive people, which seems a norm nowadays, but you should read more carefully because your admins have had very special words towards me as well.  Also, I was not warned about my chatlogs being logged in your server, nor did I ever consent on that which means you may be incurring in a violation of the Data Protection Law. This proves one more time you are not actually reading carefully between lines, you are taking this thing in an amateur manner and pointing your fingers to me, without even considering every single step you are making along the way.  I strongly suggest you start including a message in an admin bot on your server stating this about your chatlog, so people are actually aware that you are logging their conversations and there are people in behind reading this, now THAT is really disgusting if you ask me. Adults arguing in a game is... well child's game in comparison to how violating is what you do with your logs.
I am sorry if you guys feel bad about the way I get mad in the game, I can admit I have a bad temper for this kinda games, it seems I get angry easily and I am a very bad loser, I hate to lose and It seems to me I have many 'unhits' which pushes me to express it. But even with all my mistakes I am a human, a person and you can't just solve a thing by appealing to a violent solution and then create a prejudice to apply the same rule again and again even when I have not even typed a damned thing and I press F10 or F5 just to realize I've been muted since I came in-game. That seems pretty nasty to me, which seems to be the way to solve things for some of your admins. As I said, you should not be so prepotent.
#5 | 03 Dec 2019 12:49
Time to straighten out a few things.

As long as you play on our servers and use our forum you agree to the rules we have set. We have the rules so everyone can enjoy the gameplay on the server and the usage of our forums in peace, not so the rules can be broken and have everyone go rampart and do whatever they like.

The Data Protection law does not include in-game chat logs, so you have gotten that part wrong, but we do have that covered in our terms and conditions as well. The GDPR law only refers to how companies handle personal data, be that names, street address etc.. basically any information to identify a person falls under this rule.  

This is where things get interesting, as we have this written under the GDPR page on our website: 
By creating an account on our website and playing on our game servers, you agree to have your data collected and stored.
Drunknoobs also reserves the right to blacklist ip addresses, and keep them blacklisted, as well as have demos of potential cheaters, cheaters as well as clean players uploaded on our forums and keep them there for reference."
This means you have no option to not agree to the things mentioned above, unless you stop playing on the server and using our forums/website altogether.  
#6 | 03 Dec 2019 15:47 | Last edit: 03 Dec 2019 15:50

This what's wrote JonnyUK was straight: You are on OUR property...

That's mean you are good know what cause all action what we take on you. Connecting on free to play server MUST EXPECT there are will be more sensitive players including preventive admins.  Actual is the same amount of sensitive player... just few years ago you would have been quickly kicked, perbaned and forgotten, now we try to talk with you... 
Our holy patience has its limits.

You are the one off this adults persons who arguing and whining about this childish game. Logs or demos i this game are double-edged sword... you can make yourself demo or chatlog and proof to us the right is on your site. Many players using it to get rid cheaters or others thing...

This mean our mute action on You was correct, to stop escalating bad thing what may happens when someone loses patience. Try to express your bad feelings and frustration in other way, than writing that stuff on keyboard.

Humans usually do learn and and adapt their behavior to the place where they are currently if they see that it is not well received. We don't have access to talk face to face so if our words don't reaching you i have no idea what i should do... tell it .
#7 | 03 Dec 2019 19:10
"Companies must ensure that they process personal data lawfully and consensually, in a transparent manner, and for a specific purpose. Once that purpose is fulfilled, they should then delete the data." -  The words that I write down are my personal Data and I am pretty sure that in a friendly environment people sometimes share personal information as well, there is one difference to share something at the moment than to now learn that whatever I have shared is logged and stored for later reading of the admins and owners of the service.
Your server is perfectly accessible to play directly from the game built-in GUI, I never knew of the existence of your website after probably months of playing at your server. I never saw once a message warning me that the server will keep chat logs and that I accept this and entering means I agree, nor did I was offered to opt-out of the chat log. Another funny detail is that even when people are muted if they write something in the chat whatever they write will be seen by the admin and stored in chat logs, even when you can read what you yourself have just typed. Man! I could just be typing shit to release some tension out and suddently one day I realize that it is being read by the admin, sounds familiar? yeah, because it is a real story in this server.
This is the kinda case that you may think you have more or less rounded up, but it is greatly arguable that people just come into your server having no idea of the chat logs nor even thinking this is a possibility. About the grown-up or child's game discussions, maybe it is my poor English, it must be, but I think it is obvious a linguistic resource, a tool to express an idea of how somethings are huge for some people but other people find the big deal in other stuff. For me, it is obvious now that you guys are never gonna see this from a different angle, not you and not any of the toady people around here. Go ahead and close this topic, you can reply whatever you want. And about being moral, even if you are really totally legally not forced to explain people coming in that your server keeps logs of their chats, that doesn't mean it is morally right to keep them stored for too long and being able to visit them back after a couple of days to decide whether or not a user is a "good" or a "bad" one or if his/her conversations are "disgusting". As I said if you think my words are disgusting, well those are just words, think about your acts. Luckily we still live in a society that doesn't judge people for "thought crime", unless we are talking about your server, a place in which you can be muted before you even opened your mouth.   
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