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22 Nov 2015 15:16 | Last edit: 22 Nov 2015 15:55

I suspected a player using invisibility hack last night so specced him. However they were careful and I had to record for quite a quite a while before I saw them using it at an opportune moment. My question is how do you shorten the demo in order to successfully upload it and not bore admins to death.

Hi Hone,
Yes - it's a good idea to keep demos short. But don't worry too much about it.
It is a good idea (and especially for longer demos) to always write down at what moment you think the cheat happens within the demo. As there is no clock running , you can use the red score instead and say something in the description of the demo like: "There is a clear wallhack at red score 4567"
Does this really help our poor admins (and other demo viewers), you may wonder.
Well yes, as they can use the "/timescale x" command to speed up the demo till they reach the indicated score.
So /timescale 8 will speed the demo up by a factor 8.
And now we are on it: /timescale 0.5 plays it at half speed, which may help to see a specific cheat a bit more clearly.
Don't overdo it: at speed 0.3 everything starts to look like cheating. :ohmy:

22 Nov 2015 16:28
If the size of a demo is too big to upload, you can always upload it elsewhere and post the link here.
22 Nov 2015 18:05 | Last edit: 22 Nov 2015 18:34
Thanks, it's 996kb not too massive but too big to download in the usual way. I only caught him using it once (I think ) he's in a firefight hiding behind the 3 shipping containers by the bottom depot and vanishes when he goes from one to the other. I've seen other players vanishing conveniently a few times lately and wonder if we're not missing a trick. if I downloaded it somewhere else any idea where? Maybe Drop Box or something.I'll make sure you have full details of the score etc to make it easier to find the incident but it was only once- could be network thing. Hell of coincidence though. Also I was following him in the air because I wouldn't have seen him disappear speccing him the usual way(would I?)
23 Nov 2015 03:40
The limit on max upload size on the forums has been set to 8MB or 8192kb, so a file on 996kb is still small and can be uploaded to the forums without any troubles.

There is also no such thing as invisibility hack. A player disappears when he is out of range of the camera if you follow him through air. Zoom out enough and all players will disappear when they get out of range.
23 Nov 2015 08:53
I was still quite close to him and he seemed to be doing it at convenient moments. Plus I've heard players talking about it. But if there's no such thing there's no thing. I wanted to catch him cheating badly because he was slagging DN off(and everyone and everything else). Sorry for the timewaste.
23 Nov 2015 12:01
What I can imagine is that you have seen a player cheating his way out of a difficult situation by going to SPEC and returning almost immediately (at the spawn).
It sounds like you were 'flying around' when recording the events. This is fine, but has it's limitations (as said by Mazfer).
For a convincing cheat demo always follow a single user. And in first person, not seen at the back (what you get after pressing CTRL), as the wallhack effect is not clear in that way. (Sorry if this is all superfluous information to you).

Anyway - I am still interested in seeing your demo/recording !

23 Nov 2015 16:23 | Last edit: 23 Nov 2015 16:55
OK- I'll upload it.
Update- I've just tried to play the demo and It won't play after all that- maybe because I was flying, I have another demo recorded later of him being an abusive sexist twat but that's not really a ban offense- i'll get him next time.
23 Nov 2015 17:18
ok - that's the spirit ! :lol:
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