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Edigun WH

# 1
10 Oct 2021 15:47
Wierd guy, playing with nadelauncher and was pretty good with it. Kept tracking me behind walls with his nades.

I wasnt really sure and i dont know what would be conclusive, so the demo is a little lengthy.

The life at about 3 minutes is pretty interesting, first he perfectly nades valdemar (could know about him from the life before) but then he shoots all his hk69 nades at the cable car, despite seeing noone in there the whole time.
The demo didnt show up in my client, had to start it with /demo DN_Eagle_Edigun.dm_68
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# 2
10 Oct 2021 16:13
EdiGun seemed to be a known evader and already received bans before.

I joined the game a few minutes after you left and did take a look. I renewed a temporary ban but we might need to think about something more permanent.
# 3
15 Oct 2021 19:05
Thank you
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