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possible WH (+ SK)

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27 Sep 2021 21:19 | Last edit: 28 Sep 2021 13:51
Hi all, I'm posting three [short] demos to report a player (27th of sept):

Name: Malik_Montana
Hack: Wallhack (+ SK)

In the three demos posted, I believe the player displays atittutes indicative of a wallhack, for instance following opponents through walls or checking "dead spots" (i.e. places of the map from which no other signs of opponents is visible aside from their trailsĀ  in the walls, as seen in shownormals mode) before deciding where to head next, as highlighted using shownormals. Furthermore, in two occasions, the player deliberately shot or threw grenades at opponent players in their spawn area.
Since the events listed in the post are easily found, I did not include shortcuts in the form of the killscore.
Thanks in advance,

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File Name: 20210927_2....urtdemo
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File Name: 20210927_2....urtdemo
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File Name: 20210927_2....urtdemo
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edited to add the demos to the post
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28 Sep 2021 15:38
Thanks for the demo. I didn't see WH use. He is guilty of sk. he will be warned.
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30 Sep 2021 15:31
Thanks for submitting the demos. I looked at the last demo.
At red score 1699:
He aims at the train, where the blue player is behind the train.
Not 100% convincing perhaps, but very suspect.
Also a bit later in that demo , a few suspect moments.
Keep an eye on that player.
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