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08 May 2021 18:47 | Last edit: 08 May 2021 18:48
Name of cheater: paraRaiderType of cheat/s: WH, Healing?, Team Switch?Any additional info:
It's clear that he's using WH. Don't know if existing a healing cheat, but he was able to heal quickly and remain alive with 1hp. He switched teams when he was about to die (binds? automatically?). Demo attached.

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File Name: 20210508_1....urtdemo
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08 May 2021 22:25
I will look at the demo later, but what he does to avoid death has a name&punishment
death evasion(by team switching)  - 1 day tempban
# 3
09 May 2021 13:38 | Last edit: 09 May 2021 13:51
 I watched the demo with shownormals on and off. I didn't see a WH. Can you tell me when (red score) you  feel he was using WH ?
 I PB him for using VPN/Proxy... 
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