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Suprasumo SK

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24 Nov 2020 11:44 | Last edit: 24 Nov 2020 11:46

this morning this guy come in Spawn all time
demo inside


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27 Nov 2020 13:50
Hello Farrok,

Two things:
1-Yes, suprasumo did commit SK (+ shooting into spawn area trying to SK).
2-You tried to "bait" suprasumo several times, by starting or looking for a fight and then retreating into spawn area.

Both of these things are not ok. After you spawn, it's fine to hold an angle on the battlements or the train tunnel from the spawn for some seconds, but you can't camp there. And once you exit, don't run back in after starting a fight. Your opponent's instinct is to follow and try to shoot you.

So, no warnings for anyone this time, I hope you understand.
# 3
30 Dec 2020 10:20

the video does not start at the start of the game, I launched the record by the fact that this player systematically came to kill us in the spawn
and yes, I was coming back to the spawn to catch it, not to attract it
we are 2 reds to play, difficult to go to spec to record
without arousing the suspicion of a record I preferred to continue to "play"
I'm not used to coming back from the spawn, except to be healed by another player.
but it doesn't matter, I haven't seen this player since
thanks to the admins

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