#1 | 18 Mar 2020 14:27
Demo attached.   No time frame needed.  Set r_shownormals 1 and the WH is clearly evident throughout the demo. 

He got an 8 hour ban yesterday at about 22u CET.  This demo was from earlier in the day.
#2 | 18 Mar 2020 21:57
I miss the demo ?
#3 | 18 Mar 2020 22:06
Yeye here the demo. :P

File Attachment:

File Name: 20200317_2....urtdemo
File Size:938 KB
#4 | 19 Mar 2020 02:33
Most of the demo is... yeah maybe sound... yeah maybe choke point... 

when he jumped in water and was killed from behind I thought... nah he ain't a wh...

watch till the very end... last kill....

If that ain't a wallhack I don't what is.... (unless funstuff does not show up in demos? because I see peoples hats across the pond underwater all the time without goggles)
#5 | 19 Mar 2020 03:45
That he was killed from the back isn't a hint that he dosn't hack because WH just show your enemy infront of your sight.
#6 | 08 Apr 2020 15:34
Like Banana said: a multitude of dubious situations.
But he final kill - red score 4446- is a WH watershot.
Permanent Ban.
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