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#1 | 26 Dec 2019 21:06
I found him bleeding, but didn't heal him because he never heals anyone, only if you stand beside him maybe. But he knows how to heal and wasnt afk as can be seen in the demo.
#2 | 27 Dec 2019 12:23
forgot the attachment...

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#3 | 05 Jan 2020 01:42
Helo, thanks for pointing this out to us.

In the last few days I have witnessed the same weird behaviour, moving around but not interested in actually playing, then standing still, shooting at teammates on purpose, having medkit and not healing, etc.

I gave him a warning (Play for the objective) and will continue to do so, eventually, if this behaviour persists, it will turn into a TempBan.
#4 | 05 Jan 2020 04:40
I don't see the problem.  Sanctions for "play for the objective" are for things like incessant suiciding or smoking the spawn area.   In other cases it's been given for deliberate blocking, refusing to leave the spawn, harassing team mates to take them out of their game etc.   

There is no rule that says "thou shalt always heal" when a teammate wants it.  

This guy habitually stands around nearly catatonic while waiting for an enemy.   In this state I would like to see a demo of him made for a WH because I find it suspicious that in every imaginable way he is horrible at this game but still manages to be in the right place at the right time and facing the right direction with the right weapon far too often for my liking given how bad he is at everything else.   For some time I've actually just assumed he was using a WH but thought that he was so bad that he probably needed it or he would have to stop playing on this server.   

That said, I've never spec'd him but is if there is ANYTHING there then it won't be anything that should be sanctioned for "playing contrary to objective" in my mind. 

My advice, therefore, would be, as always, to make a demo of him and submit it for review. 
#5 | 06 Jan 2020 22:55

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So I too wondered about WH or just WTF? and here we find behavior I would categorize as "just trying to learn a particular play style in a particular location"....  

He is doing well covering the castle interior (excepting checking the ONE alcove I like to hide in) and seems to be practicing hard at maneuvering within this area...  

At the same time he is randomly blowing stuff up and firing at corners....  If I am honest here I can understand his mindset....  because I personally knife demonio so much by creeping on him... like multiples times in a row...  and so I get the feeling he is being paranoid as hell.

In his defense I am impressed with his maneuvering but his aim sucks balls...   maybe in those times where he seemed catatonic he was practicing aim?  I don't know but I bet his muscle memory from remaining still and shooting has not connected with patrolling close quarters and shooting... as shown in the demo...

I wish he just communicated in chat so we could get a better idea of his mindset
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