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#1 | 29 Dec 2020 16:43
My name is Melph Möller and I am 24 years old. My mother's language is German.

I still speak English and a bit of Spanish.

My Urban Terror name is "Fish Frikadelle".

I started playing when I was 12.

With a few years break because of school and education I am back to full attendance at the beginning of the year. My kill death is about 1.52.

Currently my favorite weapons are the G36 and the SR8.

I've never been in another clan so I'm looking for a nice and good clan.

I've known the DN server since I started.

I certainly play at least an hour every day. I am restricted by my work because I work as a self-employed farmer.

So I'm nice and open-minded towards the players and I already know a lot of me and we also welcome with hello in the server.

I'm a solid player who plays well depending on day-to-day form. I am probably one of the very good ones. I think DN can use me well too it won't be a deterioration of the team.

As I said, I got to know DN years ago but never thought about applying. I would love to play for you. And to become a part of the super team!

Sincerely, the fish
#2 | 30 Dec 2020 02:49
+1  You meet all the requirements.   Good player.  There was once a problem with another player but when asked you handled the situation well and the problem ceased.
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