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Greetings - Its me :)

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19 Mar 2021 19:29 | Last edit: 20 Apr 2021 13:08
Hi guys, I'm ex- |WC| Capitao_Vilela

First I sincerely apologize for my bad English. Since I started at | WC | many years ago, I was never able to take an English course. I am not crying, but the money is practically directed to the family, there is never any money left for me to study English.
I learned a little bit of English, seeing the players write so much, and of course some videos on you tube etc, I also study the translation of words and verbs on the Internet, but it is horrible to study English in this way, because I often write incorrectly ( hehe).
Unfortunately Brazil is very backward in terms of culture, there are no facilities for studying English, it is very expensive.
But URT brought me good things, cool friends, sincere polite and kind people, it brought me another view of people from other countries, this is very good, I learned a lot.
I'm ashamed to go to Discord because I don't know how to speak, I only know how to write and I understand the context well.
The pandemic broke the planet and it affected us all.
It's great to see old players, I thought that was incredible and they still play URT.
Just so you know: I was away for a long time because I went through a storm of problems, a wife with cancer for 8 years, my mother unfortunately in an irreversible coma, my father with Alzheimer's disease, it makes our heads crazy.
But anyway, it is part of life to face problems and overcome them.
The pandemic left me without internet, without work.
But now I am working again and I was able to have internet again, so I missed URT and players.

Big hugs all

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