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game locking up

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08 Nov 2016 22:55
well, while playing on our server i have been freezing up (crash ?). this usually happens in the middle of a shoot out (lots of action). This started after switching to 4.3.. I finaly get the game closed. then my monitor is brighter.. end up restarting. anyone else ???
# 2
09 Nov 2016 00:03
Yes harpo, happens to me too and some other players. I guess you get the sound stuck too, like in a very short loop? Well, that's what I get...
As to the brighter screen: It happens to me too, but I think that is a result of having pushed up the brightness value on the game. Not 100% sure about this.

Anyway... Haven't found a way to fix this yet.
We can hope for 4.3.2

Sorry I can't help.
# 3
10 Nov 2016 15:31
thanks for the response. you have the exact same symtoms... :)
# 4
10 Nov 2016 16:49
This has happened to me as well in 4.3.1
I had this crashing while playing - if I remember well mostly when I was jumping or doing speed movement.
But also when I was in SPEC just following a player.
This last thing is a bit puzzling, but it could indicate that it is a problem of the rendering engine.

Like Mercer said earlier, we can only hope that 4.3.2 solves this.
# 5
11 Nov 2016 21:22
Just had my second lock-up.
# 6
11 Nov 2016 22:41
Sorry to say Gramps, but that's nothing. I've had more than 10. And nothing indicates they will stop, as there is no fix yet :(
# 7
17 Nov 2016 23:19 | Last edit: 17 Nov 2016 23:25
Today I noticed that the 4.2 eagle had gone.
Now I play again at 4.3 Eagle with normal ping (= as I see it in the server list and not double that), the gameplay feels smooth, I experienced no lags, and my game did not lock up.

So please Gramps (and others), try again and let us know how it is for you now.
# 8
18 Nov 2016 02:16
I never left, I realize things will get worked out. I played last night and had no problems.
# 9
18 Nov 2016 15:13
well, i'm still locking up..:angry: anyway, hopefully they will get a fix soon. On another note, my old stats are gone. One day i'm a captain with 1:85 ratio etc.. next day i'm private with nothing. ????
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