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13 Jun 2016 22:30
Probably not he right section to post and not trying to start a fight, but today my friend Shot and I were muted during the game when Core and other admins/DN members were having a problem with Chop Suey..
I for sure know I wasn't part of the argument but did post a few msgs joking and insulting Shot but if I remember right maybe 2 msgs at most...Then I was muted but never given a reason as to why. Was it because I was insulting Shot? Or, just that I was talking in general as this whole situation occurred?
It was only for a few minutes but when I asked Core why he muted me even he said it was unnecessary after I pointed it out.

Can you elaborate as to why I was muted Core? Also why was Shot muted for so long even though you put his at 3 minutes? He was muted for probably over 20 minutes before Lodbrog ( i think) unmuted him.

Core was in a bad mood he said earlier in the game, but I don't see why anyone would do this even on a bad day..


# 2
13 Jun 2016 23:34
First thing to say: I was not online aat the time so my reasoning comes from the chatlogs.

Reason for you being muted:
"...talking in general as the whole situation occurred?" What you wrote made you a part of the situation and not a spectator. Since your contributions weren't helping anyone, you got muted for a very short time. (same goes for Shot)
Was it because of the words to Shot or for taking part in the situation? Yes for both. Next time don't get into it ;)

As to why Shot was muted for so long? In your post you seem to understand he was meant to get a 3min mute so if you think about it for a second you'll realize that it was just a case of something weird happening for it to not end on time. Anyway, it got fixed as soon as you brought it to an admins attention.

My advice: Next time just stay out of a senseless discussion and don't add to it ;)

PS: Can't believe I just wrote a 6 lines explanation for a 3min mute... SMH :huh: :huh: :huh:
# 3
13 Jun 2016 23:50
My point is, my conversation with Shot was separate from the argument Core was having. At least to me, me insulting Shot is normal and we do this in fun all the time. Core may not have thought this so I understand the mute if he thinks I was being mean to Shot.
But, I don't think it is right to mute someone (even for few minutes) who didn't instigate the situation or break any rules outright. Core could have just told everyone to be quiet so he could talk to Chop. Or, forcespec Chop and talk privately. This is all assuming me insulting Shot was not breaking any rules though ;). My thought was Core was just trying to make it quiet so he could talk with Chop 'alone'. But that's hard with a very full server full of talkers like me :).

But if I am wrong we all still just gotta calm down sometimes and remember this is just a game and I think Core should have told Chop Suey this so he wouldn't have had to tempban him. I hate to see my friend banned because he had a bad game or day. I have never even seen Chop do this before then I join and play for a little and then he gets banned. Shit hit the fan today lol. I will say though Chop was going crazy with chat and he connected so many times (after he was kicked) with names to insult Core. That was the worst thing he could do to...

Anyways, I'm not mad or anything just wanted to hear some explanation. Sorry for long post.

# 4
14 Jun 2016 00:20
And my point is, in that situation, you insulting Shot (I know it's in good fun) and chatting in that moment made it so you were ALL brought into the argument. The mute was meant as "RELAX". The mute isn't a punishment, it's admins saying - I'm going to give you sometime to chill so I don't have to punish you. Everyone more or less got the message except Chop. The tb wasn't even for the first offensive name (reason enough for me), it was because he did not change it back to a clean one when asked (something like "ok, now change it back or tb"). So he pretty much chose to get banned.
Like I said, just stay out of that sort of argument and you'll all be golden ;)
# 5
14 Jun 2016 02:49
I skimmed through the chat log and could see that you actually commented (maybe not intentionally) on the issue between the admin and Chop, so that sort of makes you part of the situation as this could have given the offender more content to go on, and thus you would have been adding fuel to the fire. So the mute given here was in my opinion correct.

Like Mercer said above. We use the mute as a prevention tool and not as punishment.

Just to add... chatting in general, while an argument goes on, does not warrant a mute.
# 6
14 Jun 2016 02:57
Gotcha. Didn't realize that the mute wasn't a punishment. I've always seen it as one, albeit a minor one, so when it happened I assumed I got in trouble for something. Anways, this is just a long overdue topic. Probably should close this since the problem was small.
# 7
14 Jun 2016 10:13 | Last edit: 14 Jun 2016 10:47
Here some final words from me before closing the topic.

First a question: are you sure it's a good idea to publicly discuss a 1 minute mute?
Anyway it went like this:
You say something
I ask you clearly to stop (1)
You think it's ok to again say something
I mute you for 1 minute. (2)
<wait 1 minute>
The End

Now some remarks:
1) invisible to you, muted insults flow over my screen. I wanted to concentrate on that insulter with insulting name. You were interfering with that.
2) This is the smallest possible, but still effective thing to do for me under the circumstances
3) Jokingly I had added , 'I am in the mood' (for muting), because I had just done a few. That's very different from being in a bad mood.
4) The 20 minutes is a puzzle to me. I gave the others 3 minutes mutes. I checked.
Maybe you saw me do: !mute asian 0m , which is effectively an unmute.

I think everything has been said about this one minute event, so I close the topic.
May I suggest you use PM next time?

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