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Can't enter to the server

# 1
20 Jan 2019 18:33

Today i was playing normally, then the screen blocked.

I tried to reconnect, but the process stops always in: connecting to the server...

I dont know if i have been banned with/without reason.

Any help?

thank you
Naruto , the guy always playing in red team.
# 2
20 Jan 2019 19:26
I can't see anything that would prevent you from access to the server.
Please try again and let us know.
(Discord is fastest medium)
# 3
20 Jan 2019 19:28
No, you are not banned.

I see no reason for your problems.
Sometimes, if a crash happens, it is necessary to restart you pc to be able to play again. Maybe try that and see if it works.
Sorry, can't help much more than that.
# 4
20 Jan 2019 20:34
It works now, i dont know why.

Sorry for everything.

Thank you !
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