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Abusive treatment from to admins, or trolling the troll, crossing a thin line.

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18 Sep 2019 23:32
Hello everyone, I've have many names through my history in this game but most of you know me by Kraken, TheBadGuy or AlexInCamperland. As many of you already know I am very grumpy and I am angry all the time about stuff. I can shout crazy things out of frustration and desperation (I mostly repeat the same things all the time) and I could swear that I've been having many "unhits". In any case yes I am kind of a troll, broken person, bad guy, whatever you wanna call me about that, but I always thought that the admins in this server were supposed to be impartial and fair to everyone, no matter what their impression of a player is. After all, this is just a freaking game in which we all shoot each other to the head, I remember the old times when people used to say a lot of things on the chat and most of it will just be okay since nobody cares... I guess I am old enough to be somehow out of order here and maybe I will learn along the way this new political correctness, or maybe some people are right and I am just a broken person with no value and I suck big deal as a person, just because I've type harsh words in a freaking war game chat. Let's leave this aside. Recently I have experienced a biased behavior of 2 admins towards me, I guess because in the past I've caused a bad impression, but the point is that for my surprise, I've been muted for no reason, while I was just silent then I try to talk to a teammate because I wanted to heal him and I couldn't chat, (you know, I always try to heal anyone I see needs, no matter what, so I guess I am not so shitty after all) ... I was muted and never was offered a reason about what did I do to deserve it other than "in the past, you said this or that..." And I ask why is that a reason for a new game, the present moment which I didn't misbehave... the answer was "I know what you are thinking". I don't know if you guys can see where is this headed. You know those dystopias where people are accused of "thought crime"... I think you are gonna need a better excuse than that. Instead, it never happens and was obviously a hate decision which makes this whole admin thing an abuse against me. And yes even if they were right and I was a horrible person, after all, I am still a person, a human being and I deserve equal rights and treatment. I didn't break any rule in that game and I was punished for my past... Think about it, it could be any of you any time. The admin who muted me is @An2pl he did it twice yesterday and today and also today he just forced me, spectator, just suddenly with no reason as well after he and Jinko had a good laugh about it and also "Jinko" slapped me for no reason as well. I don't know if the administrative privileges are taken in a serious way in this server, but if it was a serious deal, this could not be allowed, since it really goes against the spirit of administration. After all, I guess if you make rules even if you are an admin you should follow them. Abusing a Troll for what he did in the past, a person you have decided you don't like, and then humiliate him with your fellow admin friend and laugh over him... It doesn't seem right, no matter how you paint it. This kind of abusive power is what actually makes very difficult for some people to change or recover or get better, because there will be always people around trying to remind them that they suck and push them down, again and again, believing they have the right because "they know you" and since they have the power, Why not use it and release that feeling of hate?. To be the hand of karma is not easy I wouldn't want that position myself and these people shouldn't have that position unless they admit their mistake here, in my opinion.
Thanks to anyone took the time to read this.
# 2
19 Sep 2019 08:57 | Last edit: 19 Sep 2019 08:59
As I thought, from the very beginning you knew the reason of your mute. In the past you have been many times asked to quit your notorious provocative behavior. If talking and asking does not help, you get punished, that's simple. You (others) and me (as server admin), we are not have special permission to insulting, and using offensive language in to others player. That would be unethical...
Our main goal(as a civilization) is to remember... you can change yourself right now... how? by being a nice to others players, no swaggering after cutting someone, when you camp behind the corner, etc. You play with REAL and DIFFERENT people, no one will are be play in Your style.
# 3
19 Sep 2019 10:47
As I was expecting from the very moment I wrote the letter you will not admit that there was no reason to mute me. The rules of the games do not forbid to knife or swaggering. All you are doing now is giving vague excuses which are actually making the matters worse. The other times when I misbehave I was punished and I didn't complain about it because I deserved it, so you can not punish me about those times retroactively and I did nothing wrong. It was you guys who have repeatedly told me that camping is allowed, now you tell me that waiting patiently hiding with my knife to be able to use it since it is very hard to use the knife and celebrating my victories is the reason for your abusive treatment? I really hope other people are reading this and open their eyes about what you do. You know that you have made a mistake and you still can not admit it. And how do you explain the slap and the laugh you two guys had when I was sent to spectate for no reason? Your excuses are lame and I am still waiting for a proper admin to see this conversation. Positions of power require people with no abusive tendencies, also it requires honestly and not coming out with a non-related issue for a punishment. I REPEAT> I WAS NOT BREAKING ANY RULES WHEN I WAS PUNISHED. You can not punish me every day because of what you expect of me, you need to see if I actually break any rule.
# 4
19 Sep 2019 11:11 | Last edit: 19 Sep 2019 11:55
YOUR words right before i have muted you:

18.09.19 23:24:45 TheBadGuy: fucking camp-er
18.09.19 23:23:58 >DN<phixie: oh!
18.09.19 23:23:48 Drago: you are too fast for me
18.09.19 23:23:38 TheBadGuy: all coward hidding
18.09.19 23:23:14 Valakas: waar is allemaal
18.09.19 23:22:54 TheBadGuy: what a camper
18.09.19 23:22:48 SusiSorglos: ouch
18.09.19 23:22:27 SusiSorglos: np
18.09.19 23:21:56 TheBadGuy: wtf\
18.09.19 23:21:34 up
18.09.19 23:21:15 BananaNutBread: he leads by like 1/2 inch ahead... cant aim worth crap
18.09.19 23:20:45 >DN<phixie: unhit when u aim and think should hit but it misses

Continuous calling everyone who kill you not that like do want:"coward","fucking coward", "fucking coward camper" is moral unethical, and after all your camping, showing how big hypocrite and troll u are. All this goes to building unhealthy tension on the server.
# 5
19 Sep 2019 14:42
Hello Kraken,

An2 has already explain and showed why you got your latest mute. I believe that's cleared up, easy to understand.

But I will add some of my thoughts about this also.

Since April 7th, you have 61 (!!!) warnings/tempbans in our server, from 13 different admins/mods.
Those warnings are for: Calling other players coward, various insults, foul language, arguing and disrespect towards admins (rule3), spawnkilling (rule4), spamming (rule5), bad nicknames (eg: URACOWARD, youAreAPieceOfShit, KrakenFckVegans, R4P3), trolling and evading mutes.

That a second to read that paragraph again and really search inside yourself what's most likely to be the truth:
- There is a conspiracy amongst the DN admins against you, where they mute and warn you for no reason;
- You are the one at fault and should really change your behaviour.

So, it's time for you to choose.
Keep going the way you are going, and your permission to play in our server will soon be revoked (You will be Perm Banned).
Or change your behaviour (maybe disable your chat), respect the rules, admins and players in the server, and you will see that the mutes and warnings will go away.

I believe this discussion is ended. Please do not pursue your course of action. Try to change your ways for the better. That's all.
# 6
19 Sep 2019 15:49
That was quite long before I was muted actually. A lot of the game passed on with me being calm and silent when suddenly I got muted. But still, even if I have my part of mistakes, the later treatment of the 2 admins is not admissible. You mute someone, but then in the internal hidden chat I had with the admin, the admin insulted and disrespected me in several manners and both admins laugh at me after a non-explained slap and a non-explained force to expectation. Today I just played and there was no issue nobody was angry I was playing with admins and other players and we all played well... but I will not forget this abuse from your 2 admins here. You can call this issue closed, I will just wait until I see the abusive treatment again, this time I will record it. And no sir, I am not talking about a conspiracy imaginary happenstance, it was real and I felt abused by it. You can close this subject and decide it is solved, but I think for freedom of speech, it shouldn't be wrong if I can express myself before just letting this thing go. I will not let it go, tho... I will just observe calmly.
Thanks for taking the time to check this and for replying to me.
# 7
19 Sep 2019 17:20
Kraken, I have been tracking you through the various names you use. Your demeanor gives you away in no time, and a quick !locate sufficiently confirms its you 'again', and again calling people names.

Just play. I cannot accept your feable excuses, if you have some form of torrets and suffer from uncontrollable outbursts, I sympathise, but these comments are typed in !! So, no sympathy, and as I advise many times during games - 'just play'.

I could not agree with Mecers post more - stay and play, or go elsewhere.

BTW - IO also endorse An2pl as on more than one occasion I have followed you into Specs and witnessed the abuse your serve up to the admins that called you there to warn you. it is utterly disingenuous to claim innocence.

Just play.
# 8
19 Sep 2019 17:32
The fact that you guys have to explain it to him..meh.

I've also played against you/with you many times Kraken. Just stop behaving so damn bad and you'll be fine? Its annoying as hell for us regulars and other players online. Luckily in my case I'm pretty sure I've ignored you because you never stopped. Perhaps its time for the DN admins/members to do something about the obvious trolls and players that destroy the game for the others? Something to think about.

# 9
19 Sep 2019 17:53
You are missing the point here. I am not claiming innocence here, I am claiming abuse by part of the Admin. You think that players behavior can excuse Admins behavior, but I think that adminĀ“s behavior should be the example the players needs to follow. I actually had a very clear conversation with AN about how he was being stepping out of the line with me, I didn't disrespect him in my internal conversation with him, on the contrary he insulted me. You really missed the point here. Also @Freskarn, you are the self righteous that thinks there is some people that doesn't need explanation, they should be treated different because, well, you know them, isn't it? Isn't part of the whole community rules the inclusion and the opportunity to be an equal? Yeah, it is easy to go against me because you already have an idea of me and hate me no matter what I do... so even when I am not talking... if I am noted I'll be punished with no reason. Your prejudices gives you up here.
I'll leave the conversation, I want to mark that I am playing now quite relaxed without incidents. Whatever is your judgement from now on will show whether or not all you do is prejudice me or if in fact you are gonna be fair with me. Even this mere conversation shows where you are heading to.
19 Sep 2019 18:38
I thought that the "That's all" part of my post got the point across, but it seems it didn't so I'll do it another way then.

Your report about admin abusing was made and evaluated. It was found that no abuse as you described was commited, the admins acted within the reasonable parameters while dealing with what can best be described as an asshat/troll/rude player.

In the future, please follow our rules, admin's advice on how to behave and try to conduct yourself in a civilised way when playing in our server and dealing with other players and admins. Basically, please behave.

This discussion in ENDED.

Please do not attempt to open other topics about this discussion, as it will be viewed as further disregard of an admin's advice and as so will be another negative point against you.

Topic is LOCKED.
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