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Updates - new website layout changes and progress

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16 Sep 2021 14:13 | Last edit: 04 Oct 2021 07:08
Hello drunks and nubs.
It sure has been a while since I last posted anything on this forum. Today is the day I’m bringing you some exciting news. The site will be getting a slight graphical update on the 2nd of October this year. There will probably be more graphic bugs to fix than I’ve seen in my local version of the site so expected downtime will be a few hours, so I can take care of most issues without rushing anything.

You might be asking yourself why a website update? Again? Well, last time I did something to this site it really didn't go as planned and something fell short. So, here we are again hopefully for the last time.

Please note that any screenshot you see in this forum topic is subject to change and is not necessarily the finished product.
# 2
16 Sep 2021 14:17
So what’s in store for us this time then?
Apart from some under the hood changes as well as a slight change in typography and colors that I wont bore you with I’m going to start off these changes by introducing you to our new landing page. The landing page will offer more information and hopefully introduce our clan in a better way than it currently does. Here’s a screenshot of the very first thing you will see when you visit our site.

For the navigation I’ve gotten rid of a large library and brought back the horizontal navigation on desktops instead of having it hidden behind a hamburger menu. The registration button should also now catch the eye a better because the click to action button is colored.

Moving on to the account creation page (registration) as well as the login page. Both of these have been designed as their own page and not directly part of the website. 

The registration page:

The log in page:
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# 3
16 Sep 2021 14:19
The main part of our site – the forums – have also received a graphical overhaul. Here we can see the forum index:

The forum topics list:
Last time I removed the topic icons, this time I’m bringing them back! Yay!

Here's a preview of the revamped forum post (subject to change a bit as I need to find a way to separate admin and forum moderator posts from normal ones)

Instead of the quick reply option coming in from the right side of the page I’ve now placed it on the bottom of the topic page.
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# 4
16 Sep 2021 14:22
The servers page has also been revamped a bit and does now include our Friday Fun server, the server rules and some game screenshots. Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming layout.

That is for the sneak peek of the coming changes. I hope you enjoyed this little forum post. I’ve also intentionally placed the update to the 2nd of October because I’ve still got some changes to make before it’s ready for release.

As always, feedback is more than welcome please leave it here in this topic so everything is in one place. 

(The readability of the text has been checked with the built-in contrast checking tool that is available in the dev tools in the browsers. The value has always been green, so the contrast is high enough to make the text readable against the background)


About the registration, I cannot promise anything but I will have a look at the cache issue some of you have experienced.
It will also be a bit easier to add attachments with this upcoming update, as there has been some questions about it before.
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# 5
01 Oct 2021 18:08
So, the update to this website is supposed to happen tomorrow. But my day is packed and I will be spending most of the day without a computer. In other words, the update will happen sometime during the evening UK-time.

I'm also expecting the update will take 1-2 hours as I've changed lots of backend stuff etc to make the new code and layout work.
# 6
02 Oct 2021 16:14
update starting in ~45 mins. 

I'll be taking the website offline during the process. 
# 7
02 Oct 2021 20:47 | Last edit: 02 Oct 2021 20:47
Alright, the update is mostly done - like 90% or something like that.

There's a currently a few issues, but I have to try to figure out how to fix those tomorrow as it's almost midnight here and I'm currently way too tired to think.

Currently the wrong forum text editor is being loaded and the images stopped loading for some reason on forum topics (at least on my laptop). This is a quality of life thing, but it doesnt prevent the forums from being used.

Mobilewise there seems to be a few things to tweak regarding the font.

As mentioned above there will also be game screenshots on the website, but those I will add tomorrow.
# 8
04 Oct 2021 07:07
Alright, I've managed to track down most of the bugs and solved them.

I'm now in the process of trying to fix the "session expired or cookies not enabled in your browser" -bug that some have reported. I'm also getting this issue on my localhost which is actually good because this means I can mess around with this locally instead of trying to fix it on a production site.
# 9
05 Oct 2021 11:58
Registrations should now be working again.

I spent most of yesterday searching for the culprit to this bug and I even managed to find it. A fix/workaround/improvement was implemented today. (tested in chrome and opera)
11 Oct 2022 17:30
It's been a while since I've posted anything on these forums, but as announced in our discord server last week, we have a website migration coming up. 

Irl events have forced me to postpone this with a week or so, but it's coming. After the migration has been done I'm going to add the requested features.

(also, this message is testing that autothreading works in our feeds channel on our discord server)
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