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[Misplaced/Denied] Application for Server admin

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13 Dec 2016 00:21
You must have a minimum of 3,000 kills in our server(s)
You must have a ratio of at least 1:1 kills:deaths in our server(s)
You must be active in the server(s).

You must be registered and active in our Discord server.

Your Full Name: Martin Johansen
Your Age: 20
Your First Language: Norwegian
Other Language(s) You Speak: English
Your Urban Terror Name: Vs*madcat, Vs*kraken
How Long Have You Been Playing Urban Terror?: 10 years
Your Average Score Ratio: 1.20
Your Favourite Weapon: Lr300 and DE
Your Clan History?: Ive been into some small clans only.
How Long Have You Known About |DN|?: For about 1-2 years ithink. I noticed your'e servers in 4.2.
How Long Do You Spend Per Week On The |DN| Server?: Maybe 2 hours on DN everyday, so about 10-12.
What Do You Think You Can Bring To The |DN| Clan?: Ive been catching alot of hackers and rulebreakers in my time here at urt. And ill wish i can get the oppertunity too keep doing that for your servers, so the server is clean for jerks. Ive made several demos of former hackers, ive catched players with both wallhack and aimbot's. some just of wallhacks, some with aimbots.
How Did You Hear About |DN|?: Noticed the server on my own, when it's was 4.2
Are You Interested In Playing For |DN| in Scrims/Clan Wars?: I can play for you guys, if you need me on the team. c:

Additional Comments:

I want to add in some former history of my time here in urt. And can start from 4.1 at the very beginning. My very first server i played on was |ALPHA|Uptown 24/7, back then my name was "Dragon". I made alot of friends in ALPHA. Some of them was |ALPHA|Fathergoose, |ALPHA|OHMEGA, |ALPHA|Kenny v, |ALPHA|Cartman, i got well known very fast and got myself contacts on other servers too, like [b00bs] there i got in contact with [b00bs]The-Spiki(leader) and [b00bs]duhfysa etc, after several hours played on b00bs i became server moderator on [b00bs] uptown 24/7. I started to play alot on a server called West of the Z best. which was made by Ibakedusomecookies aka Cookies. In the first place i was kicked all the time, because they had a skill filter, and when pros like tarquin, solitary, civil* etc was online, all the noobs (including me) got kicked. but with hard pain, and alot of deaths, i got better and better. Suddenly when i connected i never got kicked anymore, i was playing with the pros, i got killed alot but i killed alot too. After several hours on the server, and alot of fun with the owner, i managed to get admin on server. i was rcon admin.

Including being server mod on b00bs uptown, and server admin on West of the Z best. I was admin on |GORE|Icy 24/7 and Gore Jump 24/7. Time went by and alot of the players from |ALPHA| was inactive, retiring and some changed to a clan called Wildcats. My cousin: |WC|Milumental, was head admin and european lead recruiter of |WC| so i talked to him about being mod/admin on the servers. He told me to make an apply and send alot of demos of hackers. In a month or so, Fathergoose and him accepted the application. I was now mod on the |WC| eagle 24/7 server among with K. and some more.

Haha, think that's enough for my urt life history, i could write a book about this if i keep continuing. Long story short, my point is that ive been mod or admin on alot of well-known servers. And ive also been a part of the urbanterror community for a long time.

Btw: I know that i dont have 3000 kills on the server, but that's because my xlrstats got reseted. Im active and will achieve it soon

Best reegards - madcat.
# 2
14 Dec 2016 11:22
Several things to say about your post:

- We usually don't want admin applications. If we need a mod/admin, we consider several players, make our choice and ask them.
- This thread is to apply to the clan. If you really want to apply to be mod/admin, pm one of the leaders/head admins/admins, here or on discord, to know more about it.
- I think you should be aware of the previous point, since you seem to be the same Madcat that appears on our clan roster as inactive. I find it strange that you do not mention this at all. But anyway, a little backtracking shows me that you applied, became a member (27/9/15) and about one month later (24/10/15) went inactive. Also can't find a post explaining your inactivity.
- Lastly, I just saw you have a penalty for SK on your most recent id on 13/12. Reading the chat log, I see you did that on purpose, which in my book is no-no.

Any comments or opinions, pm here or on discord.

Topic Locked and Moved to Denied Applications, since I don't see a better place for it.
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