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[APPROVED] Application: Maddie

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21 Oct 2021 21:28 | Last edit: 21 Oct 2021 22:06
Your Full Name: My name is Katarzyna. This name comes from Poland. :D
Your Age: I'm 16 years old. 
Your First Language:  Polish 
Other Language(s) You Speak: German and English  
Your Urban Terror Name: Maddie<3
How Long Have You Been Playing Urban Terror?:I started playing in 2005. I was 5 years old. When I was a little girl I often watched my dad play Urban Terror. This is how I learned to play Urban Terror. This game put me to sleep and I fell asleep on my dad's lap. That was very funny. 
Your Average Score Ratio: 1.68
Your Favourite Weapon: My favourite Weapon is Lr300 or M4 it is convenient for me to play with them. Sometimes I also play with Sr8.
Your Clan History?:  I've never been to any clan.
How Long Have You Known About |DN|?:  Since I play on Eagle 24/7 server
How Long Do You Spend Per Week On The |DN| Server?:  I play everyday on Eagle 24/7 server between 6 pm and 9 pm until late. 
What Do You Think You Can Bring To The |DN| Clan?: 
- A player which is not male. :)
- Fun. I like to chat with people on Urban Terror they are very nice and I can laugh with them. I communicate very well with people like Dinkelkeks, Sgt.Callahan, Dawncrow, Airy, iLLmatic, SteelSeries, Zeke, CookieMonster and others. I could name more people but everyone knows who I communicate well. I am glad that they all welcomed me with open hands when I met them for the first time.
 Thank you all for that.
How Did You Hear About |DN|?: playing on Eagle 24/7 server
Are You Interested In Playing For |DN| in Scrims/Clan Wars?: I am interested but I'm not the best player.

I hope you will accept me into the clan. I wish you all the best.

Your Maddie<3
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