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Application: Dinkelkeks

20 Nov 2021 20:41
Hello Dinkelkeks,

Your application has been Approved. Welcome to the DrunkNoobs Clan!
You will now appear in our Clan Roster and have access to the Clan Forum.
As you are already a Moderator you can now use the >DN< tag in game.

See you on Eagle!
20 Nov 2021 21:42
Thank you for accepting me into the clan and also to the other members for your kind words in your replies to my application!

See you on Eagle!
21 Nov 2021 01:21
Congrats Dinks

Nice you are a Clan Member!

20 Jul 2022 22:02
Hello Dinkelkeks!!
After many valuable contributions to DN, most noticeably on our dear Eagle server, but also in other important aspects, it is our great pleasure to promote you to Clan Leader!

Please use the <DN> in game and on discord.

20 Jul 2022 22:19


Congratulations Dinks!
21 Jul 2022 15:41
Congrats DinkelkeksĀ  !!!
21 Jul 2022 16:54
Thank you very much, everyone! :)

I hope I can continue to be useful to DN regarding technical issues (e.g. the server mod and other server software) but now also in any organizational and clan leadership matters.
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