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Ban Appeal / Complaint

# 1
16 Aug 2017 22:39
Name in-game at the time of the ban: Rayleigh 23:15 or so ( GMT +1)
Date banned: 16/07/2017
Ban ID (see our banlist): No one wants to help me find this

My explanations are to the right of my warnings

<DN>Mercer - Today at 23:36
Well, you got warnings for:
1.rule3 (disrespecting an admin) - I disrespected a moderator not an admin
2.trolling - Not in the rules
3.not playing for the objective -Not in the rules
3 warnings = tempban

I am not in the wrong whatsoever and demand to be un-muted right now!
# 2
16 Aug 2017 23:02
Your Tempban will end 17.08.17 02:11:02
We will not uplift this Tempban,
please reconsider your behaviour on our Server,
if a Moderator or an Admin gives you an order please follow.
Complaints about this can be done in this Forum

1. Rule3 we count for Moderators and Admins, please do not Disrespect at all
2 Trolling is not in the Rules like Blocking or Accusing, but will be punished
3. Playing for the Objective is in the 'Game-Rules', please read carefully if Selecting a Team
# 3
16 Aug 2017 23:05
Since you went to the trouble of making an appeal, I will give you an answer.

Although none of those warnings was issued by me, your chatlog tells me that 1(rule3 - mod=admin) and 2 (trolling) were appropriate. If I was online at the time, you would probably get the trolling warning even sooner.
If the admin gave you that 3rd warning (objective), it was probably because you were more interested in talking or other things and not in playing for the objectiveof killing the other team.

The fact that trolling and playing for the objective are not in the rules does not put you in the right. If you join our server, you are subject to the judgement of the admins and should follow their instructions at all times.

Finally, lets not waste any more time on a tempban that was deserved and that ends in little more than 1hour.

Bonus advice: I have a naughty player device that goes BIP when I encounter naughty players. In your case in went BIP when I saw your chatlog, it went BIP BIP when you used a name on the site different from your name on the server and it went BIP BIP BIP when you used a 3rd different name on discord. Try not to make my device BIP again, OK? Thanks.
# 4
16 Aug 2017 23:15
your dick's got some mad throbbing issues to be making sounds like BIP, probs still a virgin, joking sorry i will be a good boy from now on
# 5
16 Aug 2017 23:18
It is VERY easy for us to increase the Tempban up to 2 Days, Weeks or Months or even Perm.
NOT joking
# 6
16 Aug 2017 23:20
i now understand the mod and admin issue, please try and refine the rules because it may cause a lot of confusion which it has in my case

i felt a BIP in my heart when i was warned for someone's outlook on gay people (warned for trolling ) i was not trolling but rather curious on their thoughts but instead i was warned :(

i was not told to read the game rules and reading that shit is like reading the terms and agreements of some program , literally no one does it, my bad, i have now read it and will focus on the objective,. the word objective has no specific target so MY objective is to have fun, hence why i have been muted
# 7
17 Aug 2017 03:01 | Last edit: 17 Aug 2017 03:04
It has not been an issue since 5 years for clients, so no need to refine thanks.

If you are curious on other Peoples thoughts, please try a Chatroom.

Literally everyone reads the rules before the game, i mean it is 5 simple rules...

The Objective you can easily find as soon as you enter the Team,
it says

'Team Deathmatch
Your goal is to acquire kills for your team.
Please use auto-Join in public servers!'

For now i declare this thread closed
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