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[Warned/Unbanned] I got banned. why??

# 1
05 Jan 2022 17:49
well today I got banned. 
I said negay(negev) like a joke. just only it.
then I got slap and ban, why?
my comment was not good even joke. but why banned? 
I played much time eagle server and never got this.
why so serious. I can not understand.
if you banned me, please tell me reason.

# 2
05 Jan 2022 21:54
btw when I got kick, he wrote msg

was kicked : homo vpn player

well I was playing at internetcafe.

completery he got missunderstanding. 

Hope DN Mercer understand me.

I do not care who banned because you are worthless.
anyways this is unfair things.

# 3
09 Jan 2022 21:53
You were TempBanned for bad behaviour/language and suspicion of using a VPN. Actual reason stated in the ban was not what you wrote, but rather "homophobic vpn user".
You immediatly evaded that TempBan which led to a perhaps too harsh PermBan.

Having reviewed what happened, we have decided:
1 - Your PermBan has been removed;
2 - Your TempBan is maintained (It has since ended, so you can connect and play);
3 - Give you a warning that you should, while playing in our server, always respect other other players, follow the directions of admins and do not evade TempBans for any reason. If you feel the ban is unfair, do as you did here and appeal it.

That's it, hope this clarifies and ends this issue.
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