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Banned For My Bad Actions and now i regret it Im really sorry please unban me.

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31 Dec 2020 12:27
i was banned because of using racial slurs, abusing, and insulting everyone. my name in the game was mkiller434 and now im banned because of my disciplinary actions i am so sorry about the things i called everyone lastnight im sorry steel series and the other players such as ben66. i was such an  idiot that i abused everyone the fact was that i was angry at that time because of dying and im sorry because i was not in my senses im really sorry and  i regret my actions please everyone forgive me and unban me from the server and i assure you all i will behave and i wont do anything bad in the server and will play good with everyone. im sorry for the trouble caused by my actions. every one please forgive and unban me from the server. EVERY ONE IM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE AND UNBAN ME JUST GIVE ME ONE LAST CHANCE. my name in the game was mkiller434 and my ban ID is @122739 and my ban reason was: banned for bad language/racism and evading a tempban and my ban period is permanent.PLEASE UNBAN ME AND GIVE ME ONE SINGLE CHANCE. im sorry SGT.NEGEVLHAN,BEN66.DNSTEELSERIES,KOPS,LOGUT AND EVERYONE ELSE IM SORRY :( PLEASE CONSIDER MY APOLOGY AND UNBAN ME. 
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