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Banned for no reason and my names not appearing in the ban list

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31 Dec 2020 12:06 | Last edit: 31 Dec 2020 12:08
Hey DN admins, yesterday night I was playing on DN 24/7 eagle server and was in the red team by the name Sgt.Hamza. I was called away by a friend and I left my pc on and was still in the game but when I returned I was on the main menu of the game and when I tried to join the server it said banned. my name doesn't even appear in the ban list and I did nothing wrong. when I woke up in the morning I tried to join the server I got in the game but there was no one in the game except me. I left the game and I thought maybe it was a temp ban due to spectating or something else but I don't know what happened and it says banned again when I tried to join the server now. the server had 6-7 players in it but I was not able to join it due to the ban. I don't know that if I did something wrong or anything because of which I'm banned. kindly unban me from the server so I can play. and if there's something wrong that I did that someone didn't like so I'm sorry about that but please unban me from the server. my name at that time was Sgt.Hamza and I was playing on 30th Dec 2020 at 10:25pm and was called away shortly after. please help me and unban me from the server, any replies or help will be helpful. Thank you!
# 2
31 Dec 2020 13:02
Hello Hamza1244,

the banned Player you find in the list as 'MKILLER434',
whose behaviour led to some warnings.
Finally evading a TempBan made us Permban this Player.

Since you use the same connection,
the ban affects you in the same way.
# 3
31 Dec 2020 13:14
But i didnt even do anything wrong or other please atleast unban me. 
# 4
31 Dec 2020 13:22 | Last edit: 31 Dec 2020 14:58
read below pls
# 5
31 Dec 2020 13:33
i was playing my own game and had no complaints from anyone but due to the player mkiller434 I've  gotta be banned too? can you unban him as he has also requested and is guilty of his actions? and if you are not going to unban him is there something I can do so I can play on the server please. 
please unban me as i have nothing to do with this player and and we only share an internet connection. please unban me from the server. i request you please consider his  and my request 
  please unban me and forgive the player mkiller434 as well i know he is toxic but now he has apologized for  his actions and the fact is we share the internet connection because he lives in the apartment that is on the first floor i live on the ground floor and these guys just recently shifted here and ill talk to this guy and ill also console him to behave but please at least unban me give me a chance and there will be no more racism or other stuff from his guy but please bro unban me so i can play. i want to play soo bad. and give my best to ensure that this person behaves and please unban the connection just give me one chance. please bro.... 
# 6
31 Dec 2020 18:05
Ok i tried to unban you.
Please try to connect
# 7
31 Dec 2020 19:12 | Last edit: 31 Dec 2020 19:14
i tried to connect but it still says banned. please unban mkiller434 i think it will work then 
# 8
01 Jan 2021 01:08
Ok should work now, please try again
# 9
01 Jan 2021 07:13
i tried now and got into the empty server. i will try again when there are some players and then ill tell you if that works or not.  thanks!
01 Jan 2021 13:48
Sir please unban me too im really sorry for my actions and i apologize for them please sir give me one chance please sir. and its also new year so please sir/brother unban and forgive me im sorry ill behave. thank you...
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