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I am sorry - I played in 2019 and get a PB. Can you delete my PermBan?

# 1
25 Nov 2020 16:59
Hi Guys, i wrote some shit words in 2019 in the chat while playing DN Eagle 24/7....

I was an idiot and i am so sorry, pls can you delete my perm ban?

BAN ID 94152

[17:44]Date 10 Jun 2019

Thanks in advance!!

Grimm (alias: your Grimminator) 
# 2
27 Nov 2020 13:35
Hello Grimm,

Checking your history on our server, we see many troubling things:

Your fist penalty was on Oct 15th 2018. Your last penalty was on June 10th 2019.
Between your first and last penalty you had, unbelievably 108 more penalties, for a grand total of 110 penalties. This is an absurd number of rule breaking.
Some highlights:
First SK penalty on Oct 16 2018, last on June 10th 2019, for total of 28 SK penalties.
First Insults/Disrespect penalty (including towards admins) was on Nov 17th 2018 and the last penalty was on Jun 9th 2019. This includes a situation where you impersonated a clan member and attacked/insulted other players using the clan members name.
In addition, many penalties for Accusing, Trolling, Spamming, Evading punishments.
This shows a complete disregard about our server rules that we simply cannot tolerate or excuse.

Your request is denied.
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