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Religion Discusion, I got punished for not carying about someones religion.

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05 Dec 2019 23:47
I've seen it many times that it's said there was not religion discussion allowed in the server.  But   I got muted for responding to someone who said the server is a "Christian server", I replied I don't care about anyone's religion and immediately was muted, so clearly the person who started a religion discussion should have been muted but instead me, the one who exposed the deal, was shut down. I don't buy in the language kick. Wtf does it mean being muted by language, for using the word "fucking" or for saying "shit" in a fucking game where people shoot each other in the face. Come on, gimme a break, you gotta be kidding me. No, I am pretty sure I got kicked as soon as I stated I don't care about anybody's religion. 
I came out and back to ask for an explanation and then I got kicked for "avoiding punishment" or some shit like that. I shouldn't have been kicked in the first place, on the other hand, you should have explained yourself for kicking me out.  I am not gonna wear tired of this, I will come back here to expose you any of your bullshit, what I found worse is that you @Livius was there and either allowed this or actually was the hand behind.
# 2
06 Dec 2019 00:43
It was not Livius and you were not banned.  You were given a time out for 1 hour.  Initially you were muted for 1 hour for being obnoxious in chat.  You circumvented that sanction and were subsequently temporarily banned for 1 hour in order to force you to take the time out.  

You consistently show poor discipline in chat and you often go so far that it starts affecting the fun for the other players.  Furthermore it is a drain on the admins to try keeping you in line and frankly, we're tired of it.   This server is not intended for players who moan constantly and are aggressive and rude with other players.   If you can't learn that this kind of childish behaviour is unacceptable then eventually we we have no option but to permanently ban you in order to shut you up.  

Ball is in your court.  
# 3
06 Dec 2019 00:52
I was not saying anything bad when I was banned, nor did I used "obnoxious" language. I simply answered to somebody stating that the Server is a Christian server. The moment I refused to be addressed in religious terms I immediately was muted. If the intention was to mute me for "moaning" and for "language" the timing was very bad and it just really appeared like I was unvoiced for not accepting that this is a "Christian server". So I was warned and I didn't continue using language or "moaning" as you put it, which means there was no real reason to mute me the moment I replied to the "Christian server" affirmation. So you see, I don't buy your explanation, otherwise you have to explain this last part, which you totally avoid to address. Total failure.
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06 Dec 2019 13:27 | Last edit: 06 Dec 2019 13:30
I was there too.

You were warned for the bad language.  You know full well you were muted because of your bad language, you had enough warnings, and the temp ban was for ignoring the sanction.  Muting you meant you can still play and so can everyone else - and play in peace, perfect solution if you are there to play.

It is not up for debate whether using bad language is acceptable, as a guest on this server - your views on that do not count at all.  To play on the server there are a few simple rules.  No one makes you play on this server, so if you don't like the rules you go play elsewhere. 

DN - I agree with Moorhsum, and wonder why do we keep letting this one onto the server and into the forum? 

# 5
06 Dec 2019 13:46
Yes, you were there too, you were quick to try to ban me and it seems you are also prone to try that here too. Again what I stated is totally ignored, I am pretty sure I was not discussing about using language or anything when I got muted, you can check the logs since this servers keep the logs for a very long time it seems. I understand I was warned about language so I did not keep using it, the moment I was muted was not because of language but because I replied to the religious addressing of the situation, which, correct me if I wrong but I think I remember it was you the person who brought that up? Anyway, I was not muted for the language, but just after I said I don't care about anyone's religion which has nothing to do with the language nor was I using bad language at that moment. As I said admins can check the chat log and see that for themselves. As I said it could be bad timing, but at least I could have been explained that my accumulative chat was the reason, but I repeat, I didn't use bad language again since I was warned. Again this is a failure to address my problem with your biased answer. Also, that is how you fix things right? If you have a problem with a user which is hard to solve the best solution for you is to unvoice, kick or ban the user even from the forums which are the only place the user can express himself and explain his point of view. 
Yes, it is a private server but it is open to the public. Which I thank and admire. If I could I would donate to help to keep it up, right now it's not possible for me to do so. Yes it is private, but people like you @Hatch are the ones who want to make it a close club circle, and also a honeypot: "once you are in you are in my property I own your arse". People keep being people wherever they are if you have rules, good them check then care if the player has complied already before muting him for anything he adds to the conversation, especially if he is exercising his right to not bend to religious claims, which I thought was not allowed in the server.
Total admin failure.
# 6
06 Dec 2019 14:06
Over and over again you have criticized the work of admins on our server and forums. Not only that, you've also been told to not do that as well as not use bad language on the server nor the forums. Each time you have circumvented those warnings and instructions by server admins, server moderators, the leaders as well as the founder of this clan. You have also clearly shown us that you do not care about our rules, 

So this will be our and my very final warning to you as we have given you chance after chance to start behaving and play by the rules. If you still want to continue to criticize the way we do things in this clan and on the servers we will be forced to terminate our relationship and you will have to find another place to play.

This is your very last and final warning. Either you take it, or you are out. No one is forcing you to play on a server you clearly do not like.
# 7
06 Dec 2019 14:16
What is obvious is that you are not prepared to realize you can make mistakes. I am not denying any of your accusations. What I am accusing you is to fail to address carefully this situation, because as I stated: I was muted for a false accusation since I did comply with the request of not using language. And you fail to observe my request to read the logs and see that what I am saying is true.
Ok, I take your las warning. Since I don't have another choice, because I like to play this game. But I dare you to check the chatlogs and point the moment in which I was warned not to use language and point when did I fail to what I was addressed, also I dare you to find out when was the exact moment I was muted. I am pretty sure I am telling you the truth about this. And that is what pisses me off, that no matter what the users say the "rule" of  "not arguing" is specifically designed to silence anyone who can expose any mistake an admin makes, and remember you are humans and you probably make mistakes all the time. This was one of those times.
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