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02 Dec 2019 13:37
There is an admin right away who decided to mute me without a reason and after I asked him for reasons and for his name so I can discuss here what he did, he never repled or unmuted me and finally just kicked me. I want to know what the fuck is actually going on here. So the freaking admins are untouchable, right? That's it, if some nobody has been made admin he then can abuse his power as much as he wants and the server doesn't fucking care about it, am I right? Yeah, I am totally right and pissed off about this big pile of shit, so excuse my french on this but this can get to the nerve of anyone in my position. You guys will never listen to what I have to say, just that the admin decided and that's it. Doesn't the admin has to at least identify himself if he wants to mute and kick me? Or what are people coming to your server for you...? Shit am I right, we are just shit and all you care is that your little friends go run their admin positions and fuck everyone they want right on?  And if you are gonna answer me finally, just give me a good answer and not just some condescending crap as usually is seen here. Somebody has a fucking problem with one of your fucking admins and he is fucking pissed about it. Let me guess: you don't actually give a fuck, but you are gonna pretend that you do and very politely tell me to fuck off. Check your admin's way of dealing with shit, because you are dealing with actual people here not with puppets or with machines or fuckin AI, and if you are gonna come to me with some political correctness, then you should be the first one to abide and if you want to mute or kick people you should at least show your fucking face and tell me which admin you are when I ask you more than 20 times. 02-12-19, 13:32 local Atlantic time. I have to rely on times and shit since I don't know who the fuck I'm talking about. That on itself should not be allowed, even if I deserved any of the "punishment" from our Gods, our Lords the Admins fuckers.
# 2
02 Dec 2019 13:53
First, thanks for reporting your problems.

I've checked your chatlog and you was typing/spamming a lot when you died.
For example: "camper", "coward". 

In my opinion the mute was more than deserved. And please calm down, it was just a mute not a warn or something else.
I'm sure it was just to save yourself before you type harder things.

And about your allegations:
Admins aren't untouchable! If an admins behaviour isn't that correct he got a warn from the leaders.
Here a little thing which I received because I did something wrong: "Hey Livius,I see some things in the chatlog that I don't like.
I thought you had learned to stop calling out headglitcher"

So please. Don't think we admins are untouchable. :)

Calm down, okay?

Yours sincerely

# 3
02 Dec 2019 14:01
well I just came back in, and then the admin finally identify himself, then I literally said "finally you identify yourself", and just after that, he decided that was a good reason to kick me.
# 4
02 Dec 2019 14:06
The reason for the kick few minutes ago was too many warnings and that you cool down a bit. :) 
# 5
02 Dec 2019 14:33
From me:
i wont to see and read how YOU continuous flooding game chat by writing useless, pointless and abusive words to YOUR game opponents just because you can't hit them or when you wasn't ready.
# 6
02 Dec 2019 14:55 | Last edit: 02 Dec 2019 14:57
The tone of the comments, the messages themselves, everything is so so familiar.  So I  !locate this guy and the location is familiar too...

Pretty sure aren't we that it is its Kraken ... back with another name.

To be honest, and I am very tolerant, but IMHO you are giving this guy too many chances ... why let him continue ruing the server AND come in here giving hard working admins grief.  I would support muting the minute he starts - whatever name he has, at least we play in peace.  If he then dicks about in the game - then 'bye bye'... 

Or am I being a misserable ole git ;) 
# 7
02 Dec 2019 14:57
When I read your complaint I took your accusations seriously and thought to myself maybe we have a rogue admin.   I looked at your chat log and see a history of insults towards admins and other players.  Today, it was not just one admin trying to get you to stop your behavior but two.  In just two months I see you have 42 infractions .  We would actually like to have you play on our server but we can't tolerate behavior such as I saw today.  Stay on that path and you will not play on our server.
# 8
02 Dec 2019 20:34
   When I noticied BadGuy/Kraken/etc I wanted to give him a chance and tolerated him, even defended him to at least give him a chance (and another, and another...).
   I now feel like he wont change. I am sad but he just keeps spamming/annoying other people and making a bad mood in the game.
# 9
02 Dec 2019 21:22
Hello whatever...

I am quiet impressed on how you start a topic in the forums again - using the same language and the same behaviour- you show on the server while  playing......
I expected you to be at least that smart to identify ME - JANKO - as the admin who gave you restrictions - and You to be as smart to change your acting on our server to the well of all of us.......
But I am pretty clear that it will never happen...

I tell you something: I am - even stats suck ;) - a pretty seasoned player on DN - and believe it or not - I have like 0 issues with other seasoned, passioned, game loving  players at all. And vice versa!!!

I can't believe I just wasted 10.minutes on you...

To talk in your language: Que te den chaval..... que te den gordo!!!!
03 Dec 2019 05:38 | Last edit: 03 Dec 2019 05:39
I'm sure the mute and kick were most valid and justified based on the tone and the way your posts are written here in this thread. 

You can't come in here in this forum (nor server for that matter) and bash the admin/s that muted and kicked you for inappropriate behavior on the server and then expect to be treated with cotton gloves and handed cotton candy. That's not the way it works. 

The mutes are given for a reason; to filter out spam and bad language on the server, not for an admin's personal amusement. 

So with these words, I'm locking this thread and on behalf of all server admins I tell you to behave both on the forums and on the server.

This topic has reached its end, so do not recreate it.
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