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Spawn Killing

# 1
14 Oct 2019 15:37
I believe i got banned for spawn killing. I did not it was not permitted, then i got slap once or twice. The second time I was not at the spawn killing, but far from the spawn but did killed a few players. I belive this is why i got banned. I will not follow the rules , i will not spawn killing at all.

Thank you,
# 2
14 Oct 2019 15:45

You were banned for 3 days for repeated spawn killing after having received multiple warnings. Of that, 1 day has passed and 2 days are counting down

Since you clearly speak English and the language moderators use to communicate on the server is English then I can see no reason why you did not listen to or understand why you were being warned.

My suggestion, therefore is to take the next 2 days to consider how seriously you want to play on this server. If you follow the rules then you will never get an infraction. If you do not follow the rules then complaining about the infractions you get is pointless.

You are more than welcome to join us again and demonstrate that you can "play nice" once your temporary ban has expired.
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