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Kicked for SK, whitout actually SK

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24 Sep 2019 18:13
Hello, I was just kicked supposedly for SK. When all I did was killing people just as they went out of their spawn. I went around the spawn, I hid behind the door inside the house, I went out again, killed someone as he went out and suddenly I was kicked with the excuse of "Spawn Killing". It just happened, and now I can't go and play again. I always see how this is done in the red spawn, people just wait outside and kill whoever is trying to go out, never anyone has been kicked for that. I just learned how to do that at the blue spawn, and someone too sensitive decided he had to kick me.

Please, an admin review my problem here.

Thank you.
# 2
24 Sep 2019 18:43

You were not kicked, you were warned. There is nothing preventing you from connecting to the server. Yet. If you keep breaking rules, you will be permanently banned.

By the way, Do not Enter/Nade/Shoot into the Enemy Spawn Area.

Also, in the future, please post in the correct place. This is clearly not general discussion, you are making an appeal, so post in the closest topic (Appeal a Ban).
Moved to the right place.
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