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Topic-icon [Cleared] rejku doesn't know what he's doing

24 Aug 2017 18:40
| Last edit: 24 Aug 2017 18:41 123.
the racism is relevant to this ban because it's what took a part in extending it...

please look into the chat logs for me accusing, i remember i was on the castle and the only admin online was core. check chatlog from the time i was banned, i hadn't said a word for an hour or so

edit1: please reply on my post about discord not working
The topic has been locked.
24 Aug 2017 20:12 #12
If you read posts 3, 5, 9, 11, you will find that there is nothing more to discuss about this. All your answers are in those topics.

Temp Ban ends on 30.08.17 06:13:59.

Please do not open any other topic similar to this one, if you do you will be banned from the website.

Topic locked.
The topic has been locked.
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