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Topic-icon [WARNING] Malicious ghost clients

15 Nov 2017 13:49 #1

We've had several reports of ghost clients connecting to servers in order to fill them up, always from the same IP address.
There is a cvar which is able to prevent this kind of attack:

Server admins, if you are experiencing these attacks, please set the sv_clientsPerIp cvar to a low number such as 2. It will only allow two clients from the same IP address to connect to your server at the same time.

This cvar is currently set to 0 by default, which means no restrictions at all. We will update the default value for the 4.3 final release. Bots and local clients are not affected by this cvar.


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19 Nov 2017 05:00 #2
I'll be locking this one. This original post was made back in 2015 on the forums.

Also, copy-pasting the entire post (with signature and all) made by the official team can be seen as impersonating official urban terror team members..

“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”
- web techy on DN / (new site!)
The topic has been locked.
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