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07 Jul 2016 09:23 #11
Too funny "discord" :lol:
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09 Jul 2016 11:33 #12
Come on guys.. I'm doing everything that you have said and I behave well for months now :cheer: :cheer:
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09 Jul 2016 12:14 #13
Showing impatience isn't a good sign when waiting for an application to be approved.

“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”
- web techy on DN / (new site!)
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09 Jul 2016 17:34
| Last edit: 09 Jul 2016 17:44 Core.
I look at your penalty log and I am disappointed.
Not because you had a spawnkill as your first offense, since many of our players do that wrong when they start playing here. Not knowing the exact rules can lead to such a mistake.
But you repeat this spawnkilling. The last spawnkill I see is from 9th of june, so only 1 month ago.
DN members should be clean in this respect. I forgive some early mistakes, but the least I expect is that you are clean for the last months.

So re-submit your application when you played on Eagle without spawnkill or any other offense for at least 3 months.


Kill with kindness
The following user(s) said Thank You: Cerberus
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10 Jul 2016 08:40 #15
Core, you know that my PC had been taken by my brother. 9 June is my birthday and I was out of my house! :(
From a month or so, I have the password to my pc, no one can touch it. 3 months are so many.

If you want, I respect your decision. np.
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13 Jul 2016 16:34 #16
Hi mark! Good to see another italian guy around :) Reading your clan history I found out you were a member of [WT] which if I'm not mistaken stands for Warriors Team! I knew a couple of players from that team. Supremo and I think Spadino used to play there aswell! Can you remind me what was your nickname while playing with [WT]? :D


Ciao Mark! Finalmente un altro italiano in giro! Ho visto che giocavi con i WT! Io ho giocato spesso pcw con ex wt come supremo e credo anche spadino lo fosse. Mi ricordi quale era il tuo nick quando giocavi con i WT? Magari ci conosciamo :D
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17 Jul 2016 10:11 #17
Credo fosse: [WT]Asclepio all'epoca :D felice io di vedere un altro italiano !
Esatto.. i Warrior Team, ho giocato con loro qualche partita per un po, poi abbandonai il gioco e di conseguenza anche il clan per problemi con un paio di loro.. Da allora non ho più clan e sto cercando di entrare nei DN.
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19 Jul 2016 10:01 #18
Despite I'm really happy to see another Italian player, I saw you a couple of time in game and you never gave me a good impression, which is confirmed by what Core wrote about your warnings.

Sorry, but for me is a -1

Nonostante sia molto felice di vedere un altro giocatore italiano, ti ho visto solo un paio di volte in gioco e non mi hai mai dato una buona impressione, fatto confermato da quello che Core ha scritto riguardo ai tuoi avvisi.

Mi dispiace, ma per me è un -1
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01 Aug 2016 19:35 #19
Your application has been denied..
Feel free to try it again after a while.

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