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Topic-icon [Banned] unfairly banned this time

22 Mar 2018 23:27 #1
Okay first off, there is no official rule about ban evasion.

I guess because an admin stated it was a "no-no", then it could be considered a violation of rule 3.2.

Either way, I did not intentionally evade a ban this time. DrunkNoobs does not IP ban.. I just connected to the server on a new computer without realizing.

So I request that

<DN>Sucks, unlimitedips

because I was not cheating on these accounts and again I think you guys are just mad I had a 33% hs without hacks

Thanks! Love you core
The topic has been locked.
23 Mar 2018 00:12 #2
If you cheat once, in whatever computer or whatever account, you get a permanent ban (PB) on all accounts/computers.
If you evade a ban, you get a temporary ban (TB). Enough TBs and you get a PB.
If you use a proxy, that proxy gets PB.

Checking any one of those requirements gets you a PB, and you check them all.

So, without surprise, you are Permanently Banned from our server.

Please, don't open any more topics about this. If you do, you will get banned from the forums too.

Topic locked.
The topic has been locked.
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