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21 Oct 2017 20:46 #1
Hello! How are you? I am Latino, the reason for this writing is because I was kicked insjustamente of Eagle, I was accused of spawnkill, when I did not, although I admit that I was very close and I could confuse, I entered by the pipes and I arrived where they appear of the reds, it seems to me that this is my intention, but in reality it was surprising to the snipers, who are in front of the castle gate (the bridge) or where the train track is. I understand that it seemed that I wanted to do spawnkill, but it was not so, besides, the moderator only saw me once, and he accused me without inspecting the case well, it is unfortunate this situation, but a moderator who kicks just for kicking, it should not be.
it was never my intention to kill in the reappearance, and besides I did not kill anyone in the reappearance, I was trying to escape from the boxes when one saw me, and I defended myself, but I was already running towards me, the sector of reappearance of the opposing team, without killing, is grounds for kicking? in my opinion, kill on reappearance, is not to give the opponent an advantage of being able to play, in case I never did. I would be grateful that they would let me play on their server, and that they would observe me for a long time to know if it is true of what I was accused of.

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21 Oct 2017 20:59 #2
Hello Latino,

It seems that, even if you did not kill anyone in spawn, you were there.
This is not allowed - Rule4 - No Spawnkilling, No Spawncamping.
(Do not kill enemies in spawn, do not enter enemy spawn area)
So that is why you got the first warning.
Your other two warnings are for arguing with the admin, which is also not allowed - Rule3 - No Disrespecting or Arguing with Admins.

Anyway, your TempBan has ended (9:56:04), so you can join and play on the server.
In the future, listen to the admins advice, follow what they say and not what you think is OK.

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